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What's hot in our kitchen

What's Hot in our Kitchen Pirzola ...

Find this in the Izgara section of Sofra Turkish Cuisine Menu Lunch time ... dinner time ... anytime .... A popular lamb cut is pirzola - marinated for 24 with our secret herbs and spices. These are extra thin cut lamb chops which are seasoned and quickly grilled are succulent and delicious. One of the most requested menu items from Ali's kitchen .... served with salad, turkish pilav and salad.

Kiymali Sigara Boregi

Turkish cigarette börek with minced meat - Kiymali Sigara Böregi The origin of börek as many other traditional Turkish dishes goes back to the Ottoman Empire. The word börek comes from the Turkish word "börbör" which means cover and wrap and is still very common from the Caucasus ( Irfans homeland )to the Balkans. The börek (which is known by many as burek) is a baked or fried filled pastry, made of very thin, flaky dough, which notorious name is yufka dough.Peynirili Sigara Boregi- is filled with cheese, mainly with feta, and halumi peynir Turkish cigarette börek with minced meat is our delicious Kiymali Sigara Böregi

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